Walking in Connemara

Connemara provides the perfect environment for all levels of walking enthusiast.
From a stroll by the sea to scrambling a rockface, its all in Connemara. You can join in at any level you like. For those seeking the vantage point of a summit or the tranquility of a desserted beach, Northwest Connemara is the perfect location for walking.


This is known as the arts and festival capital of Connemara. It is also the widely argued that is the most picturesque village in Ireland. It is set directly adjacent to the water where their is a port for local fisherman. It is also a placewhere you can can directly accross the water to the 12 pins. Roundstone also has a beach about 1km from the village centre. It is actually 2 beaches adjacent from each other in an arc shape. These beaches of Gurteen and Dogs bay are also hugely popular as the offer pristine coral beaches with clear turquie water and resembles the mediterian in the hight of summer with the Irish humid heat. the beaches stretch 2km and offer a lot of isolation and space for the visitor. Roundstone also enjoys numerous festivals throughout the summer months including the Roundstone Arts week and the Roundstone Summer Festival.